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Commissions are currently CLOSED!

Commission Info / Terms and Conditions

  • Character commissions are digital (there are no physical versions made by me).
  • Finished work includes the finished art in both high (at least 300dpi) and low res versions (web safe).
  • I retain the right to display the work and use it in some sort of collection for self promotion.
  • If there is a specific time frame that you do not wish for your commission to appear on my website (or any other social media outlets) please let me know.
  • What you do with your commission is up to you. However, if it is of a licensed character, I would strongly advise against using it commercially.
  • Terms and Conditions also include “How Commissions Will Work”, “Limitations/Restrictions”, and “Payment”.
  • All payments must be made upfront and are final. There are no refunds once work is completed.
  • NOTE: There are no complete re-dos. Small things, such as a different color of certain elements are fine. See the Work In Progress section for more details.



How Commissions Will Work:

When commissions are OPEN:

  • Submitting a request is not a guarantee a commission slot. Not every request will be fulfilled. I’m only human.
  • Payment must be made in full within four (4) days or your commission is forfeit.


When commissions are LIMITED:

  • Instead of filling out the form, you are free to contact me. Use the contact form as a guide to describe want you want.
  • Multiple commissions may be requested.
  • I will be very selective during this time, and will only reply to requests I’ve selected.
  • Contacting me does not guarantee that I will accept your request, and I reserve the right to refuse it.




  • No personal likeness.

  • No unusual or excessive gore.

  • Basically, try to keep everything reasonable.




Payment will be through PayPal only.

  • All payments must be made upfront and are final. There are no refunds once work is completed.

If you have questions regarding commission work, feel free to contact me.



Commission Request Form

Below is a form for you to fill out regarding the details of your character commission request. Any section left empty will be interpreted as being left up to me.


    Your Information

    Tell me your name and email address so we can communicate. I promise your email and name will stay confidential and not be distributed to anyone.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Please tell me a little bit about what you're looking for. The more detail that is provided, the easier and faster it is for me to create it for you.

    Choice of Content

    Is this an original character or an established/licensed character? An original character is a character that you've created. An established/licensed character would be someone like Superman, Goku, Mario, or Sonic.


    I'll need to know what style you like. You can see examples in my Deviant Art gallery, as a reference, i.e. "I want something kind of like this image." If you would like for me to work in a style that I don't have an example of, I'll try to pull it off (keep in mind that I can't guarantee that it will be on point in this situation).

    If you want to leave the style up to me, just type "I leave this up to you" in the box below.

    Reference Images

    Link them here if you have any.


    Something funny, dorky, tongue in cheek, brooding, dark, etc.

    If you want to leave the tone up to me, leave this field blank.


    Select if you would like a simple or complex background. If you do not want a background, the character will be on a white background.

    If you have selected "Complex Background", please provide a description and/or references.

    Size and Print

    By default, I'll be working with Tabloid dimensions (11" x 17").

    The finished work will include a *.pdf file ready for print and a *.png file that's web safe.

    If you want me to work with a different size, please specify below or leave this field blank for the default size.

    Work in Progress (WIPs)

    These are available upon request. WIP updates and stages will be similar to the ones I have posted in my art gallery.

    There are four main stages: sketch, lines, flats, and detail. You are allowed to request any changes within what you ordered during the sketch and lines stages. Once flats have started is the point of no return. Requesting any changes that cause the image to look completely different are not allowed, i.e. different pose, different hairstyle, different face, adding characters and/or objects, etc.

    My General Process: (Examples can be found here.)

    • Sketch

    • Lines

    • Flats

    • Background

    • Values

    There are a few options with how you want to handle WIPs: Private (via e-mail), Public (through social media), or no preference. If you have no preference, then I will not be obligated to provide WIPs through either public or private means.

    Please specify below on what you would like to do regarding WIPs.

    Pricing Structure

    Black and White


    Single character only.

    Example: Click here for an example.

    Light Coloring


    Single character only.

    Example: Click here for an example.

    Full Renders

    Base Price


    Starting price for any character request.

    Additional Characters

    $150 (Per Character)

    For one (1) additional character.

    Simple Background

    (Plain Flat Color)
    $0 (Included)